Photos of Patience Jonathan’s Country Home in Okrika PH



1st Lady Patience Jonathan Builds New Country Home in Rivers State
+ Exclusive Pics
Nestled in a beautiful estate in a small community of Ambemebiri in Okirika town is the palatial home of  Patience Jonathan , wife of the president of Nigeria His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan.She hails from the urban city which is one of the most developed towns in River state.Located very close to the abode of a popular King OLi,the first lady”s neighbourhood is a sight to behold.In the massive compound, there  are over 6 magnificent structures basically  blocks of flats built side ways to each other.Among the 4 buildings inside the compound,construction is still ongoing on one.The first building is a block of about 12 flats that is directly beside a big church,which shares the same fence with the villa.Right in the middle of the compound is another similar building but currently being painted.And behind it is another big bungalow all with the same black colour roofing.One very unique thing about the vicinity is that all the houses within the neighbourhood are all being renovated.Some are one storey buildings while other are either duplex or a bungalow.It was gathered that the first lady in her her usual philanthropic nature ,took the responsibility of renovating some of the poorly built shackles around there and transformed them into a more condusive home,a way of giving back to her community.The house was barricaded with an average height fencing with railings and flowers creating an aestethic view.The lane that leads into her abode is flanked by 
armed soldiers who guard the vicinity hence penetrating the area is not without very heavy scrutiny,especially whenever the first lady is in town.As a kindhearted woman she is,most people in the neighbourhood had different kind words to say about her and how lucky they are having her as their neighbour as they now enjoy some preferences and amenities.Her humanitarian exploits however, transcends her community .she has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for her philanthropic work .She received the “Beyond The Tears” International Humanitarian Award New York, USA, in 2008,for her role in the global fight against HIV/AIDS; the African Goodwill Ambassador Award (Los Angeles, USA, 2008) and the recipient of the “Wind of Change” Award from the South/South Women’s Organization.When Goodluck Jonathan served as Governor between 2005 and 2007, Patience Jonathan served the state in the capacity of the first Lady of Bayelsa State. 




 During this period, she founded many philanthropic and women empowerment programs, among them are the A-Aruere Reachout Foundation (AARF),which she set up to improve the status and earning capacity of Nigerian women and youths. The foundation already has its focus on supporting and assisting children with heart-related problems.
Vivian Onuorah

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