It was a very spectacular scene at the popular shopping mall The Palms in Lekki on Thursday March 26th, precisely 2 days before the election, when star actress Bimbo Akintola pulled quite a handful of passersby at a cafe in the mall over her argument with one of the sales attendants at the cafe. The pretty actress who was garbed in an all black outfit, a black leggings and a black chiffon top arrived the eatery with a friend to make some purchase and along the line, a heated argument ensued between her and the attendant .In a twinkle of an eye, they both grabbed each other by the collar and it took the interventions of passersby to separate the two who were shouting at the top of their voices. All efforts made to calm one party down proved abortive as both kept tearing at each other, drawing attention of people at the mall. After about 30 minutes, the brawl was finally settled and Bimbo who flaunted an engagement ring, angrily stormed out of the food mart.We gathered that the actress tried walking away with the sales girl’s 200 naira all because she didnt have her balance of 300 naira change! Bimbo took 500 naira and offered to bring the change to the lady but after several minutes of waiting, the Judges restaurant worker had to go round the mall looking for Bimbo, only to find her heading to the cinemas. At that point she insisted the actress must hand her over 500 naira and come for her balance later but Bimbo refused and a brawl ensued.

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