“My Encounter with a Canada based Gay Nurse”Star Actor Yul Edochie

  Nollywood star actor Yul Edochie is the last son of the prolific Nollywood Legend Chief Pete Edochie. He delved into movies after his graduation from University of Port Harcourt where he bagged a B.A degree in Theatre Arts in 2003. After NYSC Yul joined Nollywood in 2005.He featured in his very first movie in the same year which starred heavy weights like the late Enebeli Elebuwa, Justus Esiri, Clarion Chukwura, Chidi Mokeme and a host of others. The movie was titled: The Exquires, Directed by Kabat Esosa Egbon.His big break came in 2008 when he featured in a hit movie titled: Wind of Glory, starring Genevieve Nnaji and Desmond Elliot, directed by Tchidi Chikere.The movie not only launched him into limelight but also opened doors of opportunities as other mega jibs came rolling in. Happily married with 3 kids, the handsome actor ranks among the top male acts rocking Nollywood with several awards in his kitty. He has also ascended the ladder of fame, currently ranking as one of the top actors in Nollywood.Recently, a story went viral on the social media about the actor being attacked by a gay stalker and the controversy has become the most trending at the moment.CityPeople Vivian Onuorah had a chat with the popular actor where he narrated his ordeal with this gay stalker and how their paths crossed. Excerpt.

What projects have you been working on lately?
I have been working on a couple of new movies, and of course Tinsel.

How do you cope with the challenges of juggling with your busy schedule and your marriage?

It’s not easy coping with work and family because I have to travel a lot. But I try my best to cope. Once I get a little break I’m back home.
How would you rate the growth of Nollywood so far?
Nollywood is doing very well. 10 yrs ago it wasn’t like this. Means that 10yrs from now it would be greater. Production quality has stepped up immensely. 

How do you cope with controversies as a star actor?

My dear it’s not easy. I try my best to do my job to the best of my ability and keep a clean head then u have people who vow to bring me down all because of envy. The world is really funny

Recently you revealed through your Twitter about some gay guy harassing you, can you tell us exactly what happened between you two?

about the gay boy: first thing I would say is this, if what I said about him is a lie let God and the forces of nature punish me, Let me not see the end of this week. It started about a year or two ago. His name is Steven ugochukwu nelson onyebuchi‎. A gay nurse who is based in Canada. He contacted me on face book and asked me out. I told him I’m not gay. And I’m married. He got my number and started calling me I blocked all his numbers.
After a couple of months he called me again and said he has found out how to call with multiple numbers and I cannot block him again. He said he won’t ask me out again, that he’s just a fan who loves me, loves my movies and wants to be close to me. He begged me to take him like a brother.
I told him that I have no issues with him or anyone being gay, it’s not my business but I’m not gay. If you tell me anything about it again I’ll stop talking to him. He accepted. He swore with his life that he wasn’t going to do it.
He begged me not to snub him, that celebrities are always snubs. I said ok. He became my friend, he would call me a lot, tell me about his job, his family, said he was a nurse in Canada, everything. I took him like a kid brother. He even told me about a problem he has which I will not disclose which I believe is part of why he needs psychiatric help.
Sometimes he would top‎ up my line and sent me a wrist watch thru my personal assistant. I told him to stop buying me all those little things, I have over 10 wrist watches, and I can afford to top up my phone as much as I want. He begged me to accept them, that he loves me so much as a fan that if I don’t accept it means I don’t appreciate the love from fans. I said ok.
He came to Nigeria sometime and begged me that it would make him overjoyed if he could see me one day. I said no problems. He came to my estate; I drove out and met him at the estate gate. We talked, he was happy and he left.
Later he started telling me that he wanted to do something great for my family, something I would remember him for when he dies, that he wants to assist my family to get Canadian visas, that he does it for a lot of people. Sent me a few documents that he said he did for some people.
I told him I wasn’t interested. He started bugging me. He would call me over 300 times in a day, at a time I told my wife about it. My wife said ok, that she had been planning to do Canadian visas for the family since but she never had time, so she could just give it a try.
I said ok, I spoke with this psycho and he swore with his life and the life of his family that his intentions for my family was genuine. I believed him; I gave him my wife’s number. They started communicating arranging documents and all. I was very busy with my works.
He arranged a visa agent, so Steven, the agent and my wife were communicating. My wife even wrote the aptitude test in Ikeja. 
After all that he started telling to take a picture of my penis and send to him. That he was obsessed with me. That he fell deeply in love with me after he met me. I was shocked, I refused and I scolded him to stop all dat. He continued, he started calling me a thousand times in a day, bugging me, bugging my wife. Threatening to put my documents on the net if I didn’t oblige, I started to figure out that this boy is a psycho. No matter how much I shouted on him and threatened him he wouldnt stop. At a time I told him ok, relax I will do it for u. Just let my family be. He stopped disturbing my wife wit calls. That bought me enough time to think of how best to handle this psycho. Of course I didn’t oblige him, he started bugging my wife again with calls. I changed my wife’s phone number.
And changed mine, he still got my new number because I used it to call some Nollywood people and he has friends in Nollywood, he told me he used to pay them to get my number. He kept on bugging me with calls. Being a peaceful person I kept trying to handle him diplomatically to see if I could get him to stop all that rubbish. He wouldnt stop. He kept asking me to show him my penis. Then he vowed to me that he was going to destroy me, destroy my family and my career. It all sounded funny to me because I still couldn’t believe a man could go all that length because he’s obsessed with another man who refused to oblige.
Then he went on twitter and instagram and started insulting all my fans, cutting their pictures and joining it with pictures of naked women. Insulting my family, he started posting my number to gay websites using the name NELLY. Posting my number on the internet for people to keep disturbing me. Insulting my father, then he started posting my family documents on the internet, telling people that him and I are bisexual lovers who were having issues, all in the bid to tarnish my name. 
At that point I had enough, that was when I reported to the police and immigration in Nigeria and Canada, I hired a private investigator in Canada to fish him out and I posted his picture and his name on twitter to let the whole world know what I was passing thru with this psycho.
I have also spoken with my lawyer.
I also gathered from my investigation that he has been stalking a few other Nollywood artistes.
Steven ugochukwu’s family contacted me a few days ago begging me on his behalf because the boy has gone beserk He doesn’t even know what he’s doing. He is still posting my family documents on the net, mixing my wife’s pictures with pictures of naked women. He is still calling me threatening. I pity him actually because I know he’s not well. But I will definitely put him in prison.
This is what I’m passing through  all because I tried to take a stranger like a brother, and trust him.
Today is the 11th of April, 2015. Like I said b4, I swear with my life, if I am lying against this psycho let God and the forces of nature punish me and let me not see the end of this week.‎ 
I thank you for this interview and your support at this time, I also thank my fans, family and friends for their support at this time. The almighty God will judge him. We shall conquer the devil.

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