Pretty wives of Nigerian top comedians

Comedians all over the globe are percieved as unserious acts but some Naija comedians are no doubt an exception.These humour merchants have got class,clout,and even the money to throw about.Although a few of them carry themselves with so much charisma that their comdey talent comes to fore only when they are on stage,others are easily given away by their funny looks.However one unique thing they all seem to share in common is their high tase for strikingly beautiful women ,they do not settle for less as most of them are married to drop dead gorgeous beauties.City people Vivian Onuorah unveils the preTty wives of Naija toP comedians.

Stella Agoda
Stella is tall,light skinned and very beautiful.The stunning lady who is an ex beauty queen is the wife of popular comedian Francis Agoda known as “I Go Dye”She is arguably the prettiest of them all but she is hardly seen stepping out at events,except few that has her hubby as one of the performing artists.She likes the simple but chic looks and always causes a stir with her beauty whenever she steps.She got married to I Go Dye 2 years ago and the union is blessed with a baby boy.I Go Dye is one of the Warri born and bred wave making comedians in Nigeria.

Mabel Makun
Pretty Mabel is the wife of one of Nigerias richest comedians Ay.You may call her the luckiest of them all as she is one lady her husband truly adores and she also plays a very prominent role in her husband’s Comdey business.Unlike some other comedias who keep their wives in the background,Ay derives so much joy in flaunting his pretty wife at the slightest opportunity.She is also a very stylish lady and her love for very expensive luxury humain hair can’t be under estimated.Its no doubt that Mabel spends a fortune on hairs as she always stands in different range of human hair at different events.Ay is one comedian who spends a lot to ensure his wife loooks great at all times and this he sometimes makes a joke of on stage whenever he refers to his wife,s brazillian hair.Mabel is said to get the most attention from her hubby as he idolizes her and never hesitates to pamper her silly.The couple got married in 2008 and the union is blessed with a daughter.

Lilian Klint
Lilian is the adorable wife of top comedian klint d drunk.This light skinned damsel fell in love with the comedian who always portrays the act of a heavily drunken character,few years ago and the union is blessed with two handsome boys,Denzel who is 3 and the newly born Andre.Klint is one comedian with contrasting personalities.Irrespective of his unkempt drunken look when he is on stage,he is a dashing and very stylish guy outside comedy.The tall and dark skinned comedian has a very cute wife and lovely kids too.

Kristal Asimonye Ugboma
Sexy and Svelte Kristal is the beautiful wife of top comedian cum producer Bovi Ugboma.This drop dead beauty has no airs around her but her charming looks and alluring beauty endears her to many.The ex model has a very tender and smooth looks that one will hardly believe she is a mother of one.kristal is not the loud type but she carries herself so well that one can’t help but take a second glance at her each time she steps by.she got married to her heart throb Bovi few years back and the union is blessed with a cute baby boy,David.

Ibiere Agwu
TaLl and light skinned Ibiere is the pretty wife of Nigeria top comedian Julius Agwu.The love story of the duo who marked their 3 years wedding anniversary last year is quite an interesting one.Julius Agwu and wife Ibiere are not shy of getting passionate in public!
The love story of the couple exchange vows on Saturday, May 31, 2011 at St Paul’s Cathedral Church in Port Harcourt is quite an interesting one.Julius a comedian, had been seeing this young pretty lady called Ibiere MacClayton for a while and wanted her hand in marriage but her father had insisted that she completed her Masters Degree before walking down the aisle. So the couple waited till Ibiere graduated from the Robert Gordon University, Scotland, obtaining a degree in Oil and Gas Engineering.The union is blessed with an adorabe,chubby ,fair and very pretty 3 year old baby girl

Ebere Stacie Cham
Stacy is the sweet heart of popular and award winning comedian Seyi Law,the lovebirds who tied the knot last year are among the celebrated couples in the comedy industry.So in love are they that not only are they always seen hands interlocked at most red carpet events,Seyi never hesitates to sing Stacys praises to the high heavens whenever the opportunity crops up.He adores her so much because according to him,she didn’t just bring him good luck in his career but has always been there for him even when he had nothing.He made public his profound affection for her when he dedicated his first ever award,The Future Awards to the pretty and light skinned lady.Ebere is a Banking and Finance undergraduate of Lagos State Polythecnic and the brain behind a fashion outfit ,

Mc Abbey Wife
When you talk about the wives of top comedians who their husbands hold in very high esteem,then will definitely make the list.She is the behind the scene back bone of her award winning comedian husband and Mc Abbey always appreciates for her unflinching support and undying love.The amiable who is an introvert is never lack of gifts and affection which her hubby showers with ease.The gentle natured mother of a cute baby girl doesn’t trip for the flamboyant lifestyle As she is very humble and hardly steps out.However,her husband doesn’t hesitate to spoil her silly with either pleasure trips abrad or gifts.Last year he bought her a latest honda accord ride.

Elsie Bright Okpocha
Elsie is the wife of Naija top comedian Basketmouth who is also the anchor of the Mtv sponsored Big Friday Show.The couple met several years ago and their romance story was one of the celebrated at the time.From the day they met, he knew that he had found someone special and on Saturday, 6th November 2010, a romance that began 7 years earlier was solemnized as Bright ‘Basketmouth’ Okpocha married his sweetheart Elsie Uzoma in grand style.Basketmouth met Elsie in 2003 but the talented comic act took the affair to the next level in 2010 when he walked her down the aisle.At the ceremony,their first son Jason was the page boy and he was decked in the same attire with his dad,the groom.The union is now blessed with two kids .












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