Meet oldest Nigerian actor Elder Maya

Popular veteran actor Elder Maya has been acting for several decades, and he is one respected Nollywood actor renowned for his native doctor roles. The great grandfather is well over 100 years



3 thoughts on “Meet oldest Nigerian actor Elder Maya

  1. Can I have the phone no of elder maya b4 I donate any thing there is alot of scam on the Internet my email address is ray.alozie@yahoo.com,am from mbaise Imo state i reside in SA, nuella and chidi chikere plz help this old man to be treated plz u guys has to be happy that u have that old man by ur side as a father plz help him to recover, and nigerian actor’s and actresses who is claiming that there rich this is the time u guys should show it to contribute money for this old man to get treatment that is what good rich people do to there fellow member unless u guys are ritualist bcos ritualist doesn’t give out there ritual money, and there is other actors that needs ur help u guys should help them to avoid God’s punishment to u guys to allow ur fellow member to die bcos of money for good treatment to the victim, plz u guys should be there for each other I know that money is the route of all evil more especially there in Nigeria but may God help and change us from evil mentality,may God be with us

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