Movie stars John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson who were few weeks ago best of friends, are at war. The ongoing rift which started about 2 weeks ago was as a result of the current blackout situation in Ghana/The west coast nation is experiencing an electricity crisis popularly known as Dumsor which is having a very bad effect on people, Industries and the economy generally. This situation was what sparked up the war between these two ,barely few days after they had returned from a fun trip abroad. Prior to their fight ,they were so close that they were reported to be expecting a child together, a rumour they paid no attention.However,trouble started when John Dumelo wrote about the electricity crisis in Ghana, urging Ghanaians to be patient with the president as he works towards fixing the problem as Rome wasn’t built in a day and he was lashed by the public for supporting the president. And few days after, his then best friend Yvonne Nelson launched the Dumsor campaign, inviting a lot of her colleagues via the social media excluding John Dumelo.,And when a fan asked her the reason for doing that, and she said “how can I invite John Dumelo, when he wants to wait till he is 90years to see electricity, he loves to kiss ass.The statement infuriated the actor and he took to his social media to trash the actress, calling her a betrayal who stabs her friends in the back. in his words, “I would never go the social media and insult any colleague of mine let alone insult a good friend just to look good in the public, maybe it’s better to kiss ass than to keep friends who will stab you in the back…” the actress however tried to make up with John by making frantic calls and sending apologetic text messages and when all that proved futile, she resorted back to insulting him, calling him a coward and attention seeker. The duo were engaged in a twitter war of words for a couple of hours.Currently,John we gathered is out of the country, precisely Conakry Guinea.




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