Ghana star actress Kharema Aguiar is one of the popular acts in the Ghana movie industry who made an impact within her short debut, with her alluring beauty and acting skills. The tall and shapy actress became popular after her role is Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Checkmate, where she acted alongside Nadia Buari and other stars but her first appearance in movie was in 2005 on the Tv series All That Glitters and took a break from acting after she fell in love with a rich Nigerian lover whom she is alleged to have had a baby with. The starry eyed actress was a guest on Cine Afrik Premieres where she spoke about her life as an actress and the challenges they face. When asked what inspired her into acting, she revealed it was passion at some point but as time went on she had to go into other businesses to support herself because of what was happening in the industry. “acting for me was all about passion at some but I can’t kiss asses,just because I want to act all the time. There are so many things out there one can do just to live a good life. Sometimes as individuals you have to sit down and look into your life and cut some people who don’t add anything to it. Am not the kind of person who keeps things in me, I just say it the way it is and most Ghanaian don’t like that kind of person. So the minute you do that they tend to cut you off but to me you can’t cut me off because I feel I did myself the favour by cutting you off. I can’t pretend if am not happy just to do something I don’t want to do “She further revealed she hasn’t really left the industry but rather but taking time to run her butchery and bar business where she is making more money than she has ever made as an actress. Speaking further on some challenges ,she revealed that a lot of Ghanaians don’t understand celebrities are human beings and can do what every other human being does, it should be allowed. ‘’to me in Ghana we don’t have any celebrity, what we term celebrity in Ghana doesn’t exist because we are all living fake lives and the most part is you play all the glamorous roles and when people see you outside you are hustling like them. People see you looking glamorous and beautiful but they don’t know how hard you struggle to make ends meet. Speaking further on her next plans, she revealed she would rather do a talk show than join the band wagon of actors who are producing movies.



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