TV SERIES CASINO Stars reveal set experience

Come October, a thrilling hit TV series titled Casino is set to blow the minds of Nigerians as it debuts on TV channels across the nation.A one of its kind,the series titled Casino is a unique deviation from the usual kind of TV series in Nigeria .CASINO is an Action Drama Series revolving around the Control of a Political Dynasty, Economic Wealth of a State & Family Business which Fosters Infidelity, Assault, Seduction & Betrayal.
From the stables of Micro Media Ltd,CASINO is built around a Pseudo State named COASTAL STATE controlled by a GODFATHER whom everyone MUST OBEY AND BOW DOWN…The Glamour and Wealth of His Business Interest across COASTAL STATE sets the Players; Haters; Innocent and Underworld Gangsters inside the famous GRAND CASINO.Prof. Emeka .C. Douglas is a Billionaire Businessman & Industrialist; a Political Godfather who controls the entire economic activities of his State. His son, Patrick Douglas is being groomed to inherit his father’s conglomerate especially his Political Kingdom… Patrick is married to Adamma whose best friend, Monisola’s ambition is to attain the exalted position of Mrs. Dougla but what happened next will blow your mind.City People Head of Movie Desk VIVIAN ONUORAH had an exclusive chat with some of the stars of Casino which features Zack Orji, Funsho Adeolu,Tony Umez,Mofe Duncan,Ayo Adesanya,Ireti Osayemi Bakare, Tina Mba,Shola Omawunmi Dada,Lola Savage,Kunle Remi, and they revealed their experiences on the set of Casino.


Veteran movie star Zack Orji is a lead act in Casino and narrating his experience on set,he revealed more on what to expect in Casino.In his words “I played the role of Professor Douglas,the god father.The character is all about a political godfather,the Nigerian style.When a man helps somebody to become a public official,or a governor,the typical Nigerian God father believes that he should tell the governor how to run the state and that’s exactly what is happening in Casino.He believes by reason of his position he should be the one who decides what happens as far as the political terrain in the state is concerned.So you see himself and the governor at loggerheads from time to time.We also take a peek into the extended family of these people,I have a son in the series who is married and also having an extra marital affair.At the end of the day,the series is a mirror for the Nigerian society to have a peek into what is happening to us as a political consolidation via a vis,and then the private life of the key players”On how he got into the character,”I didn’t have to do much research in terms of the fact that I read the papers and I listen to news so I see what is happening in Nigeria and its just typical of what is happening in Nigeria so I didn’t have to look far to get the primary source of how to prepare for my character”He says.When asked how challenging starring in Casino was, he said “It was very challenging in terms of the fact that we had to work on set in order words ,there were no natural locations,the entire set on the movie was built so it was a challenge sometimes having to adjust to certain things from time to time for the set to get ready.Also we shot for at least 2 months in Ibadan and also preparing for my character and having to travel back and forth Lagos ,Abuja, Ibadan.The whole thing was done amidst other commitments that one had.Overall the performance aspect was ok and interesting”

Star actor Funsho ADEOLU is a Yoruba actor who plays big in both the English and Yoruba genre of movies.Rated the King of TV series in Nigeria, the seasoned actor who played the governor in Casino reveals his experience.”I played the governor in Casino and it was very challenging because I was playing something that wasn’t me naturally and costumes that were not me as well.So I had to go away from me by force.But it was very interesting.I have played the role of a leader in the past but not in this same way because this is high class compared to what I had done before.I learnt a lot from that set,even some dress sense that I wasn’t used to. I found the role very interesting “On why he was chosen for the role,he says”the producer is in a better position to reveal that but however,she had an insight to every character in the script and I was called.I came twice to read and am sure they saw it in me and I was given the script”On his most remarkable experience,”I enjoyed working with Zack Orji because he is someone I have respected for a long time.He is an actor with a difference and it was a great opportunity for me acting with him”He further revealed “I was on set for 3 months and if you had to go anywhere you write a memo.It was like we were in a working environment.It was a well organized set and worth the while and I was paid well”

Popular Yoruba actress Cum producer Ireti Osayemi is one of few crossover stars rocking the English and Yoruba movie scene,and has a lot of wave making series to her credit having featured in the likes of Super Story and more.She also played a major role in Casino.Speaking on her role in Casino,Ireti revealed”I played the role of Madam Rose,a spiritualist.The wealth in Casino was generated from Madam Rose’s Shrine”For Ireti,playing the role of a spiritualist came with its challenges,” It was a bit challenging because there was this particular scene I had to deal with live snakes in the night and the snakes were crawling everywhere.It was quite challenging and I got scared”. On how she coped with the scenes,she said”while acting, I kept my eyes on the snakes as well.On this location you are given the opportunity to understand the character but we had the people in charge of the snakes right there on set with us so everything was well controlled.It was another phase in my career and I hadn’t played a character like that before”

Fast rising star Omawunmi Dada Played the role of Adanma Douglas ,a leading female married to Patrick Douglas,she is a good wife,a go getter and runs her own organization,She is a very faithful woman to her husband who finds out later her husband had been cheating on her with her best friend.She has been married for 6 years with no issue and it was difficult for her coping especially in our Nigerian setting.Coupled with the fact she is an only child of her father Tony Umez and mother Tina MBA.Eventually she gets pregnant only to discover she has cervical cancer.Now she is caught in between taking out the pregnancy and not having a child anymore or giving her child life and giving up hers.In her words, “I found the role very challenging because it was my first time playing cancer victim and also being pregnant,I had to google to do more research on how that works.It was A challenging and interesting role because I played the happy pregnant woman and then suddenly The dying woman but it was a great experience ”
About The Producer
Casino is a brain child of Micromedia Marketing Limited ,a leading content production, acquisition and distribution organisation with a rich heritage in the methodology of aggregating top-notch Broadcast Contents across all media spectrums – Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, Web & Mobile.
Over the year, they have been at the forefront of delivering Quality Television Contents to viewers by providing compelling Drama Series such as TASTE OF LOVE. “TASTE OF LOVE” is The very First Home Made Nigerian TelenovelaDrama Series with an intriguing love story and recently, CASINO.”We are committed to providing great service and the highest quality contents solutions for all our brand partners. Our value ,Centric Approach and integration of compelling sales strategies have proven highly successful within our territory as well as yielding high viewership ratings amongst teeming mass audience across Africa Continents”

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