Meet the 23 yr old US lawyer who is Actor Jim Iyke’s baby mama

Star actor and Nollywood’s most stylish hunk, Jim Iyke has no doubt got his groove back as he is presently on top of his game. Asides featuring in some hit movies lately, garnering some endorsements, launching some new businesses and also kicking off his own movie production being shot currently in the US, the debonair actor has above all been blessed with a bouncing baby boy who has stolen his heart and changed his perception of life completely. Contrary to the controversial Jim who in the last couple of years was enmeshed in one saga or other with most recent being the crash of his celebrated romance with Ghana star actress Nadia Buari,Jim has become more calm,calculated,religious and most importantly,a devout father .A responsibility he has taken up with great dedication, the handsome actor welcomed his first son few months ago, precisely on his birthday. Named Harvis Chidubem Iyke,Jim describes his son as a gift from God, ‘’ You are my rubicon Dubem,God’s gift this month,my birthday to prove to me beyond every shadow of doubt his existence.I worship him in the quiet moments in the mornings when the world sleeps and I sit by your crib staring at you ,silent tears running down my unshaven cheeks. Gratitude and humility frozen in time, lost in our world despite the fact I get less than two hours sleep nightly. I have witnessed Jehovah’s greatest miracle, my life has changed irrevocably.Forerever I have been reborn through your birth, my beautiful boy’’.Until his birth, the actor kept his romance with his 23 year old girlfriend Dana a top secret. According to what we gathered ,Jim and his sister Joy who is married to a white guy and lives in UK, have been friends with Dana for a while now but along the line, Jim and the Law graduate who he refers to as his Super girl, fell in love. Describing his baby mama, ‘’ She is a super girl but now a super woman. She is a confluence of great looks, brains ,grace and sheer guts. She got more balls let alone mental strength than most men I know. I am indebted for life sweet heart.’’

The pretty blonde currently lives in the US with Jim who has temporary relocated to join his new family. The baby was born at Grady Hospital in Atlanta,US.Narrating the birth experience the actor revealed the role he played in the labour room with a piece he recently dedicated to his son. It reads “A few weeks ago, I recall kissing your mom’s sweaty brows as I encouraged her push harder intermittently, I recall her growing weaker by the minute, her fingers clutching my shoulders in a death grip, her intense green eyes starring deep into my core with that singular resolve only women in labour posses. I asked Doc Crawford for the honour of pulling you out of your mom which she granted without wasting a heartbeat and also gave me the charge of cutting the umbilical cord”, The movie star has welcomed a baby boy from Dana Kinduryte, 23, his Lithuanian girlfriend. The baby boy born on September 1, 2015 has been named Harvis Chidubem Iyke. Harvis was born in Atlanta at Grady Hospital.






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