Light skinned and tall beauty, Ovire Peggy is a very popular face in the movie industry, as her looks and amiable nature has earned her a good place in Nollywood, irrespective of her short debut. The Delta State born ex beauty queen, who won the Miss Galaxy International Nigeria crown 8 years ago, delved into in 2012 and has featured in several movies till date. She also recently made the news with her first [produced movie titled Emergency. She won the City People Entertainment Awards Most Promising Actress few months ago and in an n interview with Head of Movie Desk, VIVIAN ONUORAH, she speaks on acting and her other business.
Can you tell us about yourself?
My name is PEGGY OVIRE, Am from Delta State Born into a Family of 6,

How did you get into acting?
I started acting through a friend who was already acting

How long have you been acting?
. Have been acting for 3years now & the journey has not been easy but it’s been worth it…….
How did you get your first role and which movie shot you into limelight?

I got my first Movie through a producer Uche Nancy, I really can’t say which of the Movie have featured in brought Me Recognition because every movie that I did had different character & different Story….
What has been the experience so far?
For me my Acting experience has been a success Story, progressing each day I have learnt to get better than I was. It’s a beautiful progression up the Stairs and I am grateful to God….
What inspired you into acting?
For Me I have always loved Acting, from my High School days joining the Drama group….
Asides acting what else do you do?
Apart from Acting am a Fashion Stylist I never go wrong with my outfits I own an outfit store called Hubs Couture which right now am Rebranding keep your fingers Crossed & ears open Am cooking something Fresh……
How rewarding has movies been for you, financially?
Right Now let’s just Say I get paid for Every Job I do if it’s financially rewarding I’ll Say it’s better than Nothing…
Who are your favourite Nollywood stars?
My favourite Acts are Uche Jombo, Jim Iyke, and Frederick Leonard.
What role do you find most challenging?
For me No role Challenges me even though I still struggle a bit on kissing Scenes ,I get pretty uncomfortable doing such scenes.
What was growing up like?
Growing up for me was Beautiful, I was brought up in a God fearing home the type where u sleep by 8pm & wake up by 6am & do house Chores b4 you head to School. I don’t think any Dad was as Strict as my father but it helped me in been a better Person today.
As a pretty actress, how do you cope with your male admirers?
How I cope with Admirers of the Opposite Sex, the truth is that I appreciate them a lot I try not to be seen as been Rude so I always strike a balance.
Have you ever been a victim of sexual harassment in the industry?
If I have ever been in any sexual harassment in the industry is like asking a marketer in the bank if she has ever been a victim of sexual harassment ,it is Everywhere but how you handle them & how u want to be Seen & respected is What Makes u Different….
Can you date or marry an entertainer?
Dating an Entertainer? You know what they say “Never Say Never”! Tomorrow is pregnant….
What are the qualities that you love in your ideal man?
Qualities I look for that will attract me to my Ideal Man, the key is to Be God Fearing, Must be Intelligent, & has No limits.
How do you feel winning the Most Promising Actress of the year award?

Have been so exited since I won the City people Award, it is Good to See that some1 appreciates all your hard-work.Thank you to city people I feel blessed& Am humble



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