kafuiSexy Ghana movie star Kafui Danku is a perfect combination of beauty, brain and brawn. The talented actress, who has stamped her presence in Ghollywood with her blockbuster movies and acting prowess, is an English graduate from the University Of Cape Coast. She started her journey into the movie industry few years ago, after she played a minor role in the popular movie Agony of Christ, and 4 years down the lane, she has built her passion into a big brand. To her credit are 4 hit movies, one of which recorded the highest box office in Ghana titled, I Do.However,not many know that the tall and ebony skinned beauty has been married for 3 years. City People Head of Movie Desk VIVIAN ONUORAH met the pretty actress in the United States of America  few weeks ago, where she stole some moments to talk about her career, new movie and the qualities that got her hooked to her husband who is also one of her biggest fans.

What are you doing here in the United States, are you shooting?

No ,am here on a short family visit, am also getting a recognition award as Best Supporting Actress of the year at the Extraordinary People Awards Texas.

What are some you are working on?

So far we have Any Other Monday on post production, it tells a very beautiful story that a lot of people can relate to. After I DO, we can’t give our audience anything less, we have to keep up with the standard and that’s why we have Any Other Monday which stars Yvonne Nelson,Myself,Kunle Remi from Nigeria,Jose Tolbert,and a lot more.

That would be your what number of movie?

It would be my 5th self produced movie.

What made you go into production?

It’s all about what you love to do, I started as an actress, I love telling stories and interpreting characters. So when I read stories that are very good and haven’t been shot, I always try to produce it.

How do you get stories for your movies?

My very first movie was written by Pascal Amanfo,and Any Other Monday is also directed by Pascal Amanfo.

How has the progress been since you kicked off productions?

It’s been encouraging sometimes you feel like giving up but the heart knows what it wants and the passion keeps growing. There have been so many challenges but we are working hard.

Funding first of all, locations and all that

What’s the drive?

It’s the passion, there are so many reasons you may want to give up but once you got the drive, you can’t.

Which of your movies made the biggest hit?

So far I DO, was very successful, it made box office record in Ghana, at sometime we couldn’t sell tickets anymore. We thank God and Ghanaians for making it a huge success.

Was that movie the most financially rewarding of all?

Well, we did a lot of promo too, people keep saying you made so much money but they forget what we put, a lot of energy, funding and lots more.

Who are the artistes featured in I DO?

Majid Michel,Uti Nwachukwu,Alex Ekubor,Kofi Annan,Toosweet Anan,Jose Tolbert,Nana Ama Mcbrown and so many others.

What about the likes of Jackie and Nadia,do you have plans of featuring then in your movies?

Definitely, they are very fantastic actresses I have worked with in the past and I would love to work with them soon.

Asides your own productions, what other movies have you featured in?

I have done about 2 this year which are not mine.

Biggest challenge as an actress?

For me, it’s my timing, that is my major problem but am working on it.

How financially rewarding has acting been for you?

I want to believe you know the story, it’s the passion that drives us, I hope it will reward one day though because hard work pays at the end of the day.

Unlike some of your colleagues,you hardly feature in Nigerian movies,why?

I had a chance to work in a Nigerian movie only once and even before now I got a script I was supposed to go work on from Nigeria but it came at the wrong time. I couldn’t cancel this trip. I worked in Nigeria once last year and it was a fantastic experience I would want to work there again.


What do you do to stay fit?

Laughs am I fit? Maybe am blessed because I hardly workout.

Do you a special beauty regimen?

I don’t even remember the last time I used a cleanser, or moisturiser, am not particular about my skin and I really don’t do much. I just take my shower and that’s it. I think am just blessed naturally.

How long have you been acting?

I started 2009

How did you get into acting?

I was in school but I always wanted to act so I came for a couple of auditions, I came to see a friend who was working with Venus Film Abdul Salam. He encouraged me to audition and then I got my first role which was a waka pass,it was just a one scene. I played alongside Nadia, Majid Michel. It was a beautiful story Agony of Christ and am glad I was part of that project.

Are you married?

Yes am married.

For how long?

For quite some time now, this is the 3rd year.

How does your husband feel about you being an actress?

He has come to understand my career, he is my biggest fan and he met me as an actress, he loves what I do and he is happy when am happy. Once the job is good for me, he doesn’t mind.

How exactly did you guys meet?

Laughs I made a promise to someone in Ghana that he would be the first I will reveal it to.

But what attracted him to you in the first place?

He is a very pleasant man, very nice and intelligent .He is also very neat and good looking, my kind of man. My husband is a scientist and a very smart guy.


But when he proposed, did you feel your career would suffer?

Not at all because when he proposed, he already knew what I do and he knew I love what I do because he met me on it.

How do you juggle being married and acting?

I have a very supportive husband and it has been good. When it’s time for family, it’s time for family. When it’s time for work it’s time for work. I try to plan, I don’t get it right all the time but I try.

Do you have kids?

Not yet

What was growing up like for you?

It was great, I grew up with all my siblings and many of my cousins so it was always a full house. My mum is a nurse so anytime she is out, we always had fun. As a child I always got everything I wanted .It was super exciting. Am the 2nd girl in a family of 6


Are your both parents Ghanaians?

Yes my parents are Ghanaians

How supportive of your career are they?

My mum was very supportive but my dad had his reservations, it was later he got to understand my ambition and after a very long talk, he accepted it.

What are the general challenges Ghollywood is facing?

Marketing is a big challenge, and of course piracy .Our movies are doing well though both locally and internationally, so I think we are also doing well

How do your female actresses relate with one another?

We are family, there is no rivalry. When I reached out to Yvonne to star in my movie, asides her coming to set as an actress, she was also very supportive as a friend and she brought a whole lot of ideas. We understand, love and support each other.






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