“My late Mum taught me fashion ”  Star Actress Rita Dominic  


Rita-Dominic-2012Award winning actress Rita Dominic is one movie star who has made remarkable strides in the Nigeria movie industry and Africa at large. Apart from her track record of movies and recognition globally, she also holds sway as the most stylish diva in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The screen diva who has garnered several awards with her multiple award winning debut movie as a producer The Meeting ,recently added the AMVCA New Era Awards to her kitty. Armed with the professional expertise, drop dead gorgeous looks and a rare charisma that stands her out as a unique screen goddess, the stylish actress has carved a niche for herself in the movie world. She is a red carpet stunner any day and just recently, she featured in Darey Art Alade’s new music video. In an interview with city people Vivian Onuorah,the pretty diva speaks on the success of her new movie The Meeting, her style, her burgeoning career and why she featured in Dareys new video.


How do you feel winning the AMVCA New Era award?

I fee very happy especially sitting in that hall and listening to the managing director of Multi choice John Ugbe read out the motivation behind the new era award. The award in some way assures me  that the decision I took some years back to develop my career further was a good one.


Did You ever imagine you would win the award?

The AMVCA is only 2 years so I could not have imagined it when I first took that faithful leap to produce films but all the same, I am quite excited about winning such a major award.


What do you feel is that special effect your movie The Meeting had that earned you the Award?

The Meeting is a very real Nigerian story told very well and everybody who watches it just loves it. The marketers of the movie are so happy because people are very happy with the movie. The are not returning it. We are so shocked but happy when people are repeating the lines in the movie. I think that the quality that my co- producer Mildred Okwo and I were looking for when we started production is finally paying off.


You are to go on an all expense paid with, 2 friends, who are the lucky friends?

I think it is actually 3 friends. I am excited about the trip thanks to Africa Magic. I will definitely be making good use of it. I will let you know when I actually go on the trip


Your movie the meeting has earned you several awards, can you give. Us a list of it?

I can’t remember all  but we won at the Nollywood Movie Awards 2013, AFRIFF 2013, Eloy Awards 2013, AMAA 2013. We were also selected to screen at the 2014 Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles and 2014 Nollywood at Paris festival coming up in June. Even though I won a new era award at the AMVCA, we will still submit the movie for the general competition next year. We just released on DVD so we will be submitting for Best Of Nollywood Awards 2014.


During production, what goal did you set out to achieve with The Meeting?

We just wanted to tell a good story that both core Nollywood fans and new fans will enjoy. Many people stop me now and say, my husband or brother never watches Nollywood but they watched The Meeting and they love it. Our tag line at The Audrey Silva Company is African entertainment at millennium pace, meaning that we want to maintain today’s world standards in entertainment even though we are a small company.



Would you say you are fulfilled with the impact The. Meeting has made?

Not yet Vivian. When we sell a million copies of The Meeting, I will be happy because it means that at least 10 million people have seen the film. It also means that we make even better films with the monies we earn. I have to think of the business aspect now(laughs)


Since your debut movie made such impact, how prepared are you to maintain the standard with Your next production,?

We will keep trying to do better and leave everything else to God our creator. It is God that grants us grace. You know you can be very prepared and yet not make it if you don’t have his grace.


You started with cinema movies, is there a possibility of you making any commercial movie not for cinema?

By commercial, you mean straight to DVD movies? Of course we plan to do that but we will still maintain high quality. It is just that we will try and keep the budget much lower than the cinema films.


A lot of people are. Still baffled that you opted for new cast as lead in your first movie, what inspired that decision?

That was the director Mildred Okwo’s call but we discussed the challenges a lot. You have to have special liver to cast an unknown actor as a leading man. We prayed about it but we also had veterans making cameo appearances in the movie. We hade Uncle Jide Kosoko, Kate Henshaw, Chinedu Ikedieze, and Basorge Tariah. We also had Nse Ikpe Etim who is getting really popular too. They helped to convince the core Nollywood people to try the film


Are we hoping to see more new faces in your next productions?

We have just started pre production on a new film entitled La femme Anjola (The woman Anjola). For now, the director Mildred Okwo has cast me to play Anjola and Ofiafuluagu Mbaka to play my husband. We are still looking for who will play the other major roles.


You keep looking younger everyday, what’s the secret?

God’s grace and good genes I guess. I also exercise and eat right. It is very important


What is it about Rita that stands her out from the rest?

I really don’t know. I try very hard to stay truthful to myself. I don’t form who I am not. I just do my work, mind my business and leave everything else to God.


What are some movies you have worked on in the last couple of months?

I have been really busy. I have shot 2 really tasking movies in the last 2 months. One is Frank Rajah’s film which is set in the 70s which was shot in Benin. It is an Edo story and I had to speak the language. I am now shooting another one called The Rose Garden directed by Christian Olayinka. It is quite an intense thriller and the character is very challenging to play. I also shot a major music video for Darey’s song Special Fever.


Your. Style never ceases to amaze all, what comes to your mind whenever you think of dressing up for an event?

Comfort! Comfort! Comfort! If I am not comfortable in it, I will not wear.


You recently signed some endorsement deals ,can you share your experience?



At this level of your. Career, do you still have. Challenges or any regret so far?

When you are not working, how do unwind?






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