”Asides Acting,I am a Caterer” Actress Dakore



Dakore-Egbuson-e1431008073767Screen diva Dakore Egbuson is a natural charmer and she has a way of eliciting admiring glances each time she steps out. To say she is stylish is stating the obvious as she had in the course of her career set a record with her dread lock hair style which she stylishly wore for 13 years, so long a time that it became her signature. She took it a step further when she stepped out in her wedding gown precisely 4 years ago, and still wore the dread as she tied the knot with the love of her life and son of a billionaire, Harry Akande,the biggest society wedding that rocked that year. A look at this glowing beauty 3 years down the line is a testimony that marriage has changed a lot about her. From her glowing smooth skin, silhouette physique that belies the fact that she is a proud mother of two adorable kids,the damsel has got it all. She took a short break after marriage to nurture her home and returned shortly after, starring in a couple of movies and stage plays.However,her big return to the movie scene is finally here with an amazing movie that has announced her once again to the world, it’s the new movie from Ebony Life productions titled “Fifty”. Presently the talk of town, the movie which is produced by Africa’s leading TV star Mo Abudu ,led its lead stars to the London premiere at the BFI London Film Festival and Dakore who played a major role in the movie, describes the experience as “Awesome”. City People Head Of Movie Desk, VIVIAN ONUORHA engaged this stunning beauty in a long interview that got her talking excitedly about how she started acting 17 years ago, her challenges, what marriage has changed about her, her many other businesses ,her role in the Fifty movie and why it’s one of the biggest movies she has ever been part of.


What role did you play in the new Ebony Life movie Fifty?

I played the role of Tola, she is a very accomplished woman who has a reality TV show, and she is married to Kunle who is a lawyer. From the outside everything is cool but inside she is a mess.

How challenging was the role?

It was very challenging because I could see where they were trying to go with the film and I had to make sure I was able to meet up with the standard and of course to make sure I did justice to the role because it is a very major role.

What was the experience like on set?

We were on set for about a month but I was working hardcore for about 3 weeks and it was shot in Lagos.

What attracted you to the script?

I just love the people behind it and of course when you hear Mo Abudu& Biyi Bamidele you get excited as an actor. Firstly the script was amazing and I loved all the characters and they are some of my favourites.

Did you audition for the role?

Yes, I got called for it and I read it and they loved, then I got the role. It wasn’t like it just fell on my laps, I actually auditioned for it.

What was the experience like for you in UK for the Fifty premiere?

It was amazing, going international and this is the BFI London Film festival we are talking about so it was huge. For a film that hadn’t been screened yet in its native country, it was amazing. We had our world premiere at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester square and we had a diverse crowd of white, black and everyone was just there. And the reception we got was amazing and I felt like a real movie star. Sometimes you have to be outside of what you are used to, to realise this is a moment. And for the film to also capture Lagos in such a way is really amazing. Also the review has been amazing.

Would you say that is the biggest movie you have every featured in?

Yes ofcourse.its because the technical capacity was international standard, the directors as well and also Mo Abudu from personal experience doesn’t do things by half and she ensured the movie is of the best standard that could compete with any in the world and I have always wanted to be part of a production like that. For me it was a dream come true.

imageHow do you feel working with her?

I feel very inspired working with her, she is an amazing woman, she is an amazon, she is someone who doesn’t take no for an answer but always finds a way. I appreciate that as a woman and I know how tough it is in this climate and she is getting things done. She has a TV channel, and it’s doing really well. She stands for positive things and I enjoy working with her. I was a guest host for Moments with Mo and it was real fun. I just love what she stands for and am honoured to work with her.

How rewarding was the experience financially as well?

It is very rewarding so far and even the film isn’t out yet, am bracing myself for when it comes out and the opportunities that will come with it. It was also very rewarding financially and more than anything, it is rewarding to be part of a film that people love, something that doesn’t come everyday. And am also looking forward to what comes as a result of that because that is the way our work is, you are as good as your last film. So Fifty will definitely bring bigger films and bigger bills too (laughs)

How long have you been acting?

I have been acting now for about 17 years

It’s not easy but like every profession, you have your ups and down but it’s been a really interesting journey for me because I started as a musician and then found myself acting. It actually took me by surprise but am grateful because God used that avenue to bless me and connect me to so many people and I have worked with different organisation. It’s just great to have that much influence and it’s because people accept you. SO am grateful that my fans and the public have supported me all these years. They keep me going.

Can you recall the first movie you acted?

That was Silent Tears, I first did a TV show Inheritance and that was by Emem Isong and after I worked with her on that, she said she wanted to work with me again.

Did you audition for it?

No, she just saw me, I just happened to be working where the company she was working with is, it’s a production company because then I was already on television where I was doing a sports TV show, that was what we were shooting when she came to get her audition together. She just saw me and said ” you look very nice and I like the way you were talking a while ago”, it was like she was observing me while I was just being myself(laughs).So she insisted that I should come and read a part in the TV show and I was like ok let me try. I read it like my life depended on it and she said wow, and that was how I got the role.However,that show finally didn’t work out and a year later she called me again and said I should come and feature in her new movie. I asked her who is in it? and she said JT Tomwest,Pete Edochie and co, and I jumped to it, that was it. From there I did the Playboy with Ramsey, She Devil and several others.

Asides acting what else do you do, I know you have this catering outfit you are always talking about?

(laughs) Am busy doing all sorts of things, I have a small catering outfit, it’s actually my mum’s but she named it after me Daks Catering, and then I and my husband have a drink we make called Yum’s Chapman, in a can and then I have a blog,mum’sblog.net where I write my experiences as a mom and we also have a seminar that we are doing and am going to be a panellist, we will be talking about balancing work,parenting.That blog was really for me to just express myself and to reach out to other mums. I also host shows, am actually hosting my former school, Corona’s 60th anniversary, the Vice president is also coming because he is a Corona Alumni, and then television as well and being a mum of two.

How do you balance all of that with your home?

It’s just by the Grace of God, its time and trusting the process. It’s about living in the present and doing good works that am happy about.

Has marriage changed anything about Dakore?

Ofcourse,marriage makes you mature, it makes you appreciate life a little bit more, it makes you more responsible and its not easy, its hard work.

After marriage you finally cut your dread, what happened?

I was bored and tired, I had this same hair style for 13 years but my husband didn’t even want me to cut it, he said everyone is going to say am the one who asked you to cut it but I told him it doesn’t matter it’s my hair and this is the way I feel like and that was what happened.

You look way more fabulous than you were before marriage, what is the secret?

(laughs) that was the plan, I try and make sure that I eat right ,I exercise and I really watch my diet because I like fashion and I love clothes so I know if I want to wear those clothes I have to look good and of course being an actor and always in front of the camera, it helps you to keep fit. Then my daughters as well they help me keep fit too because they are always playing with me. I also did yoga and all that .


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