Award winning actor Mike Ezuruonye is one of the biggest actors in Nollywood with an acting career that spans over 8 year and still waxing strong. The handsome actor who has featured in several movies till dates is happily married and the union is blessed with an adorable son who is a splitting image of his dad. He is no doubt a big name in the entertainment sector and an ambassador to some big brands. Lately, he has been shuttling within and outside the country although he is arguably one of the busiest actors you can think of. He stepped out at the premiere of Surulere movie at Oriental Hotel Lagos and in a chat with VIVIAN ONUORAH; he reveals what he is working on at the moment among other topics.

What has Mike been up to lately?

Working hard, making the brand better, I have a project of mine coming up, it’s actually a TV Series, 2 a very hilarious series and its going to be titled The Adventures of Brother Jekwu, the series is going to take the character to different parts of the country, it’s something that hasn’t been done before so everyone should watch out for it.

Is that your first production attempt?

Yes it is.

What is the inspiration?

You get to a level and you want people to feel you the way you want to be felt, sometimes you are within a circle, and you cannot really spread the way you really want by ways of scripting and all that but right now am taking the plunge.

What are the challenges at this stage?

Always the same, infrastructure, trying to get things done right. I think it’s time those questions are answered because with the way Nollywood is moving right now, they have to give us the real rope for us to keep climbing.

But with the problem of piracy eating the system, why would you still want to go into production?

I think I have been long enough in the industry to tell the movers and shakers and to know the game of how best to work it out. I have my way of battling that as it concerns me so I won’t let it out .Thank God for the platforms coming out right now especially the internet, everything is taking shape and we are good to go.

SO what has changed about you since you got married?

Nothing at all, it is still the same Mike. Nothing really and I have always been used to responsibilities over life so it has changed nothing about me.

These days you always shuttling Nigeria and outside the country, how do you cope with that?

It has always been about selling our brand outside the country, and that is what we are doing. I am a fore runner for that and we have to take our craft out there .We are bigger than what we think we are and it’s when you travel out you will realise that.

Asides acting what else do you enjoy doing?

I love travelling.



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