She is one of such talented stars whose beauty and innocence magnets you to the screen as you watch her movies and her journey into Nollywood started at quite a very young age though it practically matured few years back, with her striking delivery in some block busters and her new role as a movie producer. Delectable actress Mbong Amata who hails from Akwa Ibom state, is a darling to many. Although her career is obviously booming ,her celebrated marriage to her estranged husband,Jeta Amata, one of Nigeria’s biggest directors, didn’t share same fate.2 years ago, the news hit the social media like a strike of lightning and while many raised doubts especially since she had relocated abroad with her husband, Mbong resurfaced in Nigeria to affirm that truly her marriage of 7yrs was over. For the actress, her acting career was built round her ex husband who she revealed nurtured her into Nollywood. In an interview she granted City People, she narrated that their paths crossed while she went for an audition.

“Yea I was pretty young when I started acting was barely 16 and that was in 2001 but I was already into modelling. .I attended an audition in calabar that my husband now Jetta, organized so when I got there and he auditioned me, he was like he doesn’t know what am doing in that modelling agency because this is where I belong and then my career started from there. Yes I was into modelling and also a beauty queen then, after my secondary education, I decided to go into pageantry. I won the crown of most beautiful girl in Akwa Ibom State and was also the second runner up at the Miss Nigeria pageant in 2004. then acting came calling and I ditched modelling but I have a very strong passion for fashion that was why I went into it in the first place” She reveals. Going into acting at such early stage she affirmed was quite challenging but the support of her mum and her ex husband, gave her the needed push. Speaking on her first acting experience, ‘’I was so nervous because I was very young then, everyone was more experienced. but surprising after that audition I didn’t get to be at auditions again because the jobs just started coming. The first movie I featured in was supposed to be a TV series and an epic story as well but it was later converted into a movie, after that performance, I kind of automatically started getting other roles. On the role her ex husband played,” I didn’t feel frustrated as a young actor then and that was because Jeta was like a determining factor to me and a good encouragement. He single handedly brought me up in the industry. He was like a shield I had after God and he prevented me from a lot things which am really grateful for, I didn’t have to go through the hard way to get roles and all that which am really very grateful for’’.

On how they met, she narrated their encounter at her very first audition “ he was the one that came to conduct my first audition in Calabar,I went in for it and he asked me to read a line. After I did, he was like “wow you read this so well, I wonder what you are doing in modelling”. After I got the role, we started shooting and one day he just walked up to me and said “look am going to marry you” and I was you are kidding me, am 16 going on 17 and he said no problem I will wait. And that was one of the things about him that got my fancy because he was so honourable. He is one guy who says something and sticks to it’’.Fast forward to present, the story has changed as the movie stars have since moved on with their individual goals. Their 5 yrs marriage packed up in 2013 and Mbong returned to Nigeria to face her career and in the last two years, the sexy mother of one has done so well for herself. Asides producing 2 block buster movies titled Darima’s Dilema and Jazz Me Up,she also recently floated an entertainment outfit Bong House and has signed on new artistes. Her lifestyle has also taken a hyke,as she lives big in Lekki and recently acquired an apartment in Los Angeles. She was a guest on Jara few days back where she revealed why her 5 years marriage crashed. According to Mbong, she stated that she got married at a very young age and that stood in line of her career and when it became obvious the two could no longer hold, one had to give way the other.”I had dreams and aspirations as a young girl and I had my career ahead of me though I got into marriage at a very young age. At some point one had to give way for the other. She further revealed that the union produced a beautiful daughter who will be turning 7 this year.





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