img_8788Curvaceous and greatly endowed presenter Amarachi Odinma is one of the Nigerian media personalities making waves internationally.She is popularly known in Nigeria as the vivacious of the four young talents who anchor the Rythm Late Night show aired on Silverbirdtv network and 93.7Rhythmfm Nigeria, alongside three others Jmuisq,Wamilele and Tiazia.
Amarachi started her career 2 years after  moving to Los Angeles and secured an anchor position of her own morning show “Magic Mornings,” an international rendition of the hit show “Michael and Kelly.”  The show aired 17 episodes on the African-based TV network Silverbird Televison.  She also secured several national television spots including a cameo on Fox’s daytime hit talk show “The Real,”  a featured model in the current-running “Instant Figure” lingerie infomercial campaign, a cameo in the critically acclaimed film “Straight Out of Compton,” and landed a contestant role on GSN’s hit show, “Mind of a Man.”  With no intention of slowing down, Amarachi currently works as a co-host on the TV/radio program “Rhythmlatenight,” a program which airs Live Monday thru Friday on Silverbirdtv network and 93.7Rhythmfm Nigeria.

The third of four children born to Nigerian immigrants, her mother and father divorced when she was 7 years old, leaving her mother the sole caretaker of the four young siblings. Having to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, her mother enrolled her children in various youth programs mainly centered in creative arts. It was during this time Amarachi’s passion for entertainment began to formulate.  During these years,  Amarachi learned about performance and stage presence, frequently performing in theatre, music and dance productions throughout the city.
When Amarachi was in 8th grade, a female acquaintance challenged her to a Rap battle.  She knew nothing about rap at this time, other than what was on the radio, because most of her musical influence revolved around singing.   Amarachi accepted the challenge and subsequently  fell in love with Rap culture and began to pursue a rap music career. Over time Amarachi gained regional success as an MC and In 2008 she relocated to Atlanta to focus solely on her music.

Although music was a lifelong dream , completing an education remained a top priority for Amarachi.   She’d always wanted to ” be on television,” as she’d profess to anyone who’d ask, so Amarachi decided  Broadcast Journalism would be a perfect fit. She began her hosting career as a college freshman, securing the position of entertainment anchor for the on-campus news program “From the Hill.”  From her Junior year through graduation, Amarachi hosted her own weekly college radio program “ The Redspot,” an international -based music program.  “The Redspot” received recognition for it’s growth and peer success in the campus news outlets for bringing cultural awareness to college radio. She was actively involved in  the campus community which  allotted  her opportunities to host many  campus events. She was also privileged to understudy with the top news outlet and anchors in the Region.  Amarachi graduated from Wayne State University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism.

Multi-media journalist, host, actress and model  Amarachi, currently resides in Los Angeles, a vast difference  from her Western Michigan roots. She currently works in Television, Film and radio.



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