Delectable actress Ebube Nwagbo is one movie stars whose name rings a bell in Nollywood on many fronts. The Anambra State born movie star who made her debut in Nollywood 13 years ago has grown to become a major force to reckon with in the industry.She has made the news on several accounts and is touted to be one of few divas who are blessed with a killer figure.The pretty actress who is a graduate of  Mass Communication has delved into production and has two movies to her credit.In a chat with City People Head Of Movie Desk,VIVIAN ONUORAH, she speaks about her many businesses, her new movie which is set for premiere, how she copes with controversies and how she maintains her killer figure.
What have you been working on lately?
  I am working on the release of my new movie in cinemas Nov 18 titled ‘Not Enough
 What inspired your new movie?
I felt the need to reach out to the youths of today for a better tomorrow.Because the youth of today is the Future.
 What is the movie all about?
The movie is about weak parental guidance,peer pressure and unplanned pregnancies which has turned to a norm amongst our female youths today.It teaches and educates on why we need to set our priorities right in life.
What was the budget of the movie like and did you have sponsors for it?
I financed the whole movie myself.I don’t have any sponsors for it.The budget was all on me so it wasn’t easy doing it all by myself.But I thank God For everything.

 Who are the stars you featured in it and what informed your choice of cast?
I looked out for actors that could bring the characters in the story to life.I have myself,Oge Okoye,Alexx Ekubo,Nazo Ekezie,( Big Brother),Tina Amuziam and a host of new acts.It was directed by award winning director Afe Olumowe
 A lot of actors are delving into production,why ?
.Its a good thing that  a lot of are people delving into production,it shows that we are growing and people are investing more  into the industry.Creating more job opportunities for a lot of me.
 Is this your first production?
This is my second movie as a producer
Would producing your own movie is more profitable than acting?
.Its not about the profit,it’s about the love and passion I have for what I do
 Is the movie going to be on cinemas?
.Yes it is going to cinemas.It will be in cinemas November 18th
 You seem to be a little scarce on the movie screens for some time now,what’s the reason behind it?
.There is no particular reason for that.I have a lot of things I do now apart from acting.I have a full plate now.So I try to create time for my other businesses.
 Asides acting,what are the other things that keep you busy like your other  businesses?
I own a hair line,PosHHairByEb,I own a production company PoshWorld productions and my other company called Posh Enterprises
 What is your about the current state of Nollywood?
.I believe we are growing.I never saw NollyWood coming this far..But we have survived despite the working conditions and the economy situation..We are still making great movies against all odds.We are growing and still getting there
 A lot of people are going into acting these days,does that pose a threat for the stars?
.It doesn’t pose a threat to anyone.The Sky is big enough for everyone.Nollywood is big enough to accommodate everyone.You just have to know why you are here.Do you.Be yourself because that is what will stand you out from the crowd.If you are here for the wrong reasons,you will fizzle out just the way you came in
 You have had your fair share of controversy as a celebrity,how did you cope with it?
.I have learnt to accept it as the downsides of what comes with my job.And it has made me a stronger person and more determined to succeed
 How do you feel whenever a negative story about you suffices online or print?
.I feel bad when i see such stories about me but I don’t let it weigh me down

 At this stage of your career,how would you describe your ideal man/ husband?
A man that has respect for a woman and the fear of God in him
 How have been able to maintain your killer figure  and what are your beauty secrets?.I try to eat right and do the right exercises for my body type so I don’t loose my assets.lol.I eat right and try to get a lot of rest because my job is quite stressful.Yes I exercise whenever I have the time to.Working out and eating right.

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