The first step of the much anticipated celebrity wedding between the president Buhari’s daughter Zahra and son of one of Africa’s richest billionaire Mohammed Indimi, Ahmed which has received a lot of media attention ever since the news broke, was reportedly cancelled by the president over the many controversies that surrounded the Dec 1st event which was scheduled to hold at the Aso Rock Villa. According to reports, the high octane wedding between the oil magnate’s son and the president’s daughter may have been put on hold following the physical altercation that trailed the delivery of the designer LV customised boxes the groom sent to the bride as is customary with the tradition for a bride to receive box of gifts from her would be husband. However, this particular gift left an impression as its valued at over N44 million and the luggage is part of a customary ‘Lefe’ gift a bride receives in a typical Northern wedding, before she moves in with the groom.

. The boxes numbered 30 and customised in the bride’s name Zahra Buhari Indimi ZBI was said to have been delivered at the villa in over 20 fleet of cars, causing a lot of commotion. Ever since the pictures of the boxes sufficed online, it has been receiving a lot of reactions from many Nigerians too and the first family is said to be uncomfortable with the attention Zahra’s wedding has received in the media, particularly with news of customised wedding boxes as gifts to Zahra costing a whopping N44m. The LV bags which total about 30 and allegedly cost about £120, 000 (approximately N47,144,502, using the official rate of N392.87 to a pound) are said to have been delivered to Zahra in 30 exotic cars, according to reports. In Northern Nigeria tradition, the groom’s family is expected to buy the boxes known as “kayan lefe” for the bride.

 The boxes are usually loaded with diamond and gold jewellery, designer shoes, bags, super wax, laces, perfumes, designer underwear, cosmetics, jeans, tops and more.

 The man can do from 1 to 50 boxes as a show of how rich and capable he is.Trouble reportedly started on the Introduction ceremony day on the 1st of December when one of the groom’s sister reportedly engaged in a fiasco with the security personnel at the villa for refusing her entry into the villa with her mobile phone to enable her take pictures and recordings of the event. The incident reportedly attracted the attention of some dignitaries present who tried to wade into the matter and in the process someone got injured. The whole scenario didn’t go down well with the president who is known for modest life style compared to his would be in-laws who love to flaunt their wealth. It was reported that Nasarwa State governor’s wife Mrs Tanko Almakura who tried to step into the situation also suffered a minor injury in the process. As a result of this, the president who was said to have been displeased over the whole incident threatened to return the boxes and stop the marriage ceremony as he was of the view that the gifts were too expensive and incompatible with his modest lifestyle. However, it was also reported that elders from both families have waded into the matter but the Introduction ceremony which was scheduled to hold on Thursday no longer held as the president allegedly cancelled the celebration for that day. Sources reveal the wedding may be post poned .The groom Ahmed Indimi is a very social and influential young man among his contemporaries and he is said to be the most outgoing among his brothers. The tall and handsome groom also loves to flaunt his stupendous wealth from his dressing to his lifestyle which speaks of class.Ahmed is the Head of Crude Oil Marketing in his father’s Oriental Energy Company.Ahmed attended Global International College in Lagos for his degree foundation program. Ahmed completed his Degree in Information Technology at the American InterContinental University, in Atlanta, USA. He proceeded to complete an MBA in Internet Security at the same Institution where he served as the treasurer of the Student Union Government at the London Campus. His bride, 21 year old Zahra Buhari is one of the daughters of president Buhari. The University Of Surrey UK graduate is also an ambassador of SCAF.







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