Adenike is the wife of Pastor Sam Adeyemi, the General Overseer of Daystar Church.She is also  a Co-Founder and Deputy Senior Pastor at Daystar Christian Centre  She is at the forefront of reformation of dysfunctional families, with the belief that right parenting and godly values shape children into exceptional Leaders.She got married to Samuel Adeyemi (Senior Pastor Daystar Christian Centre) several years ago and the union is blessed with 3 beautiful kids.She is also a motivational speaker and blogger, a medium through which she inspires many with inspirational posts and messages. In one of her posts, she revealed how she had her first child Sophie who is currently a Barrister ,miraculously. In her words “That year when you arrived on Christmas Eve, you were and still are our amazing gift from God. The story was that, a renowned gynaecologist called you a fibroid that needed to be examined immediately, yet their x-ray machine couldn’t work because there was no power( NEPA) and mysteriously their generator refused to work.
Two weeks later at a nearby hospital, a pregnancy test confirmed I was pregnant already! Had it worked, the x -ray would have destroyed the foetus-baby had formed. A seeming setback turned out to be a set up.Friends, what have you been told that’s not inline with God’s purpose and plans for you ? It can be reversed. Whatever and whoever is relevant to your purpose will come. God’s divine intervention, His mercies are on point ! Go into 2017 with love and faith in your heart. Celebrate the gift that you are already because you lived and are still alive”,She presides over a non-profit organization in Lagos, Nigeria known as Real Woman Foundation. An organization dedicated to empowering women and children economically and socially; through seminars, vocational skills training, a family school, rehabilitation programs and the Love Home Orphanage.  Though this organization several abused women have been transformed; many have gone from the streets to having college education, own businesses, while many rescued babies now thrive with the hope of a brighter future.She is the host of ‘Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi’ an interactive forum which airs on various TV stations across Nigeria and internationally, with discussions on various issues that affect women.Adenike, formally trained as an architect with an MSc in Architecture from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria and an MBA from Business Studies Netherlands, She further trained in Strategic Perspective for Non-Profit Management at Harvard Business School. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Researchers and Administrators of Nigeria, a member of the Nigerian Institute of Social Workers among others.  She is a recipient of many awards; also serves as a Board member of other non-profit and for profit organizations.  She has authored 5 books
Her foundation Real Women Foundation caters for the poor,less privilege kids and many others.
Her love for helping the needy has been inherent since childhood as she  has always been naturally drawn to visiting orphanages and helping those in need around her. Back in her university days, she always spotted those who were hungry or in need and helped them in whatever way she could. She did not see what she was doing then as a call on her life, but kept on giving and helping.However, in 1997, Mrs Nike Adeyemi became increasingly concerned about seeing commercial sex workers on the streets, especially in her neighbourhood – Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. She did not understand why the ladies would waste their lives engaging in this activity. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit and with a strong desire to reach out, she started talking to them about a better way of life until she became their confidant and friend.  The more she talked with them and heard their stories, the more love and compassion developed in her heart for them. The RWF was birthed out of a passion to help transform the girls’ lives. Nike Adeyemi’s vision was to have a place (a home or hostel) where the ladies would live since she realised that many of them engaged in this trade because they came from dysfunctional families (Psalm 68:13). Nike believed they needed a family setting where they would be loved, nurtured, offered opportunities for education and progress so they could achieve their dreams and ultimately become re-integrated into the society as positive contributors

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