The whole nation was thrown into jubilation penultimate weekend when the famous Big Brother Naija Show that engaged virtually all Nigerians for 3 months finally came to an end and the most favourite housemate of many Efe Ejegba was finally announced the winner by the anchor Ebuka Obi Uchendu.His big win was anticipated by many as he was touted to be the best housemate with a legion of fans. This was evident with the number votes he always amassed every week he was up for eviction. He was loved for many reasons, his humility, selflessness, his humble background which he was never ashamed to flaunt. Efe was never ashamed to admit that he is a street boy who lacks the luxury of a flamboyant life style, a revelation that greatly appealed to the affection of many who stolidly stood by him till the very end of the show. So famed was Efe that even the housemates who were close to him, always survived eviction, as his fans extended their love for Efe to his close allies. The grand finale week gathered a lot of momentum with several campaigns going on for Efe, from road shows, to branding of cars and celebrity supports, the scenario could be likened to a presidential election campaign. Even the Governor Okowa of Delta State threw his weight behind him while comedian; I Go Dye dropped N1 million for his campaign team. The likes of Ali Baba,Olamide, Wizkid,Sen, Dino Melanye, Kcee and a long list of other celebrities rooted for Efe, which explains his landslide victory with over 57 percent vote. Asides his down to earth nature, the fact that people could liken their situations to him also gave him an edge. Efe was the hustler from the streets hence people could see themselves in him, they had felt his pains and his struggles. Efe revealed he was born in Delta state alongside his 2 siblings and raised singlehandedly by his mum. He revealed how he hustled to take care of himself while studying at the University of Jos.So excited was he when his brother visited the Big Brother House in South Africa that he couldn’t help shouting that finally, one of his family members have flown international just because of him. In a campaign speech he made he likened his situation in life to that of every Nigerian. In his words “I came here as Efe and who is Efe, Efe is that boy that is from Delta State but grew up in Jos, 24 years old and a graduate of Economics but no that is not Efe,EFe na you wey dey help your mama hawk Tomatoes, Efe na you wey dey university but didn’t have money to take care of yourself, school fees dey show quite alright but you need to double the hussle,Efe na me who always stands with his two feet against all odds. I came into this house from the streets, I had no one aside my family and few friends. But I told myself I can never be pushed aside so when it comes to any task, I die put. I was born to believe in who I am and I believe that is what that has kept me in here .Efe is every Nigerian that stands against all odds. Efe is me that was singlehandedly brought up by my mother against all odds”. The 24 year Rapper was ecstatic when he was finally announced winner beating the other 4 housemates Bisola,TBoss,Debbie Rise, Marvis who made it to the final. He arrived Lagos few days back where he was handed his brand new Kia SUV and N25m, he was also named a Pay Porte Ambassador and appointed Entertainment ambassador by Plateau State Governor, on. Simon Bako Lalong.His fame soared rapidly that his followership on social media grew from 12k to 190k, and he has become the most sought after star at the moment. Speaking about his big win he reveals “ I feel blessed and I am full of gratitude to everyone who voted for me and supported me throughout my stay in the Big Brother Naija competition. I was simply living my life and having fun in the house. I was totally oblivious of the fact that I was receiving so much love outside of the house. I am happy winning but I feel that real success is measured by how many lives I can touch. I’m overwhelmed by this win because I grew up feeling like people didn’t love me and it turned out to be my strong point. I don’t try to be nice to people because I know what people think about me anyway. When I was in school, I was way ahead in class and people felt threatened by my young age. So, every week, I knew that I would be nominated for eviction and that was why I was ready to die just to win the head of house task. I didn’t believe in anyone winning the head of house task to save me aside from myself. So, when it came to those tasks I gave it my all.”. On his experience in the house,he says “It’s funny that in a place where we expect a lot of immorality, I became more disciplined. I didn’t think I would ordinarily have fitted into the Big Brother House because I am not posh but I was proven wrong. When I got into the BBnaija house I realised that I was a bit different from other housemates. I was not just playing for the camera, so, when I was angry or happy I showed it. As time went by, I began believing that I would actually win the show. I learnt tolerance and learnt that some people may have great personalities but still exhibit some unacceptable behaviour. I learnt that I needed to compromise and relate with these set of people despite their flaws. I lived in a confined space and several people invaded my space. I couldn’t keep them aside because of certain things they did, so I looked beyond their flaws and embraced their positive side”. His popular slogan Based On Logistics which he coined while in the house has become the sing song the lips of many, with many brands adapting the slogan.VIVIAN ONUORAH



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