+ THE MANY FACTORS THAT WORKED AGAINST HERThe Big Brother Naija Show 2017 which kicked off 3 months ago finally came to an end penultimate weekend, with one of the housemates Efe emerging winner of the show. The grand finale event took place at the Big Brother Studio in South Africa while a live viewing event held at the Classique Event Centre Ikeja where many fans of the top 5 housemates alongside the other evicted housemates were all gathered to partake in the grand finale. One of the most hilarious moments at the gathering was when one of the top 3 housemates Tokunbo Idowu popularly known as TBoss was finally evicted. The reaction was overwhelming, screams of excitement rented the arena and even her fellow housemates Uriel,Thin Tall Tony,Miyonse,Cocoice, Gifty, Kemen, Soma, Bassey all jumped up in excitement and even went as far as popping drinks into the air.

Without mincing words, TBoss was one housemate who was disliked by many, especially her fellow housemates and this fact she admitted while in the house, attributing it to the reason she was up for eviction all through the show. A journey down the memory lane on the day TBoss was welcomed on stage by the anchor EBuka the day Big Brother Naija 2017 kicked off, many viewers were excited and looked forward to watching her for the next 90 days. She simply stood out from the rest with her beauty, physique and posh looks.Wha’ts more, viewers were assured of an exhilarating adventure when she revealed she had 8 piercings and 7 tattoos all over body. Imaginarily, many heaved a sigh of relief ,at least one crazy housemate who is going to keep us glued to our screen is finally here.And she did give that expectation a shot with the manner she flaunted her boobs and flawless body. Hence it wasn’t hard for her to get the attention of the male housemates. However, she first fell short of expectations on the day of the first Saturday night party in the house when she chose to be a spectator rather than an entertainer and this lingered till the end of the show. Tboss failed to shake her gorgeous body to the blasting jams from the Dj,an act many viewers didn’t find funny .At this point, many perceived her as proud and fake, and of course the self-acclaimed realest guy in the house Efe took it upon himself to reprimand her for that action, the first fall out she had in the house during her first weeks. But take it or leave it, TBoss was one housemate many wanted to always see on their screen irrespective of how bad her attitude was. Her next shortcoming was when she put up her best friend in the house Miyonse for eviction, betrayal was perceived and no matter how hard she tried to blend with her fellow housemates, they always saw her as a threat and housemates couldn’t hide the fact that it was difficult living with her. Some of them were also caught on camera insinuating there was something mysterious about her because any housemate who shares a bed with her ends up evicted from the show. But despite their reservations about her, Tboss was wielding a lot followership outside the house with the help of her sister Goldie, a solidarity group of Boss nation fans was formed and they ensured they kept her in the house till the very end. However, asides the dramas and controversies she was enmeshed in, during the reality TV show. the major highlights that finally edged her out was firstly her utterance during the show where she revealed to Efe that she would spend her N25m prize money in one week if she wins and the fact that she had a lot of rich dudes who own private jets hitting on her.Ofcourse that statement irked many viewers and more people joined the anti Tboss crew. Unfortunately for her, the edited video of that scene went viral and people started drawing their conclusions about Tboss, with words like Bitchy,arrogant, proud, flying around. Though the full video would have cleared the misconception but it was already too late for her and at that point, the many big boys who simply admired her beauty and secretly voted her presumably pulled out. Many also felt it was a waste spending their hard earned money to vote for someone who would spend N25m in just a week. Also the fact that a fellow housemate Kemen was disqualified from the show because of his misconduct with TBoss played another role as many argued that she always tends to play the victim in every situation. Although Kemen’s actions were highly unacceptable, a lot of people still felt sympathy for Kemen and held a grudge for the housemate who was responsible for his disqualification. The final straw was her inability to sing the National Anthem on a live international programme and the way she lashed out on her closest ally in the house Debbie Rise for putting her on the hotspot. All of this made her loose out the big prize to Efe- the humble Warri boy with no class but was loved by all and the multi-talented Bisola who was the mother hen in the house. TBoss no doubt did have a lot of dedicated and vocal fans but they were not enough to earn her the grand prize.

Tboss may not have won the ultimate prize but she has won fame and admiration of many. She also won a N500,000 cash prize from one of the key sponsors of the show, Pay Porte for emerging the Overall winner of the Pay Porte arena games.



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